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Hey, I'm really enjoying the demo so far! The way you write the characters is engaging, and I'm intrigued to find out what's going to happen next. Unfortunately, there's a bug that crashes the game when (I'm on Chase's route) Chase meets Riley outside the train station. Not sure if you knew about it, but wanted to bring it to your attention. 

Other than that, the demo is very cool!

Wolw, so I love it! This is one of my favourite visual novels - so well-crafted and written. Riley is fantastic and so are all the other characters. And I love your levelling system.

Just one problem - it's too bloody difficult! XD I've replayed it four times and I still can't get past the second check point - on the fourth try I just needed two more points from Matt, comfortably ahead with the programming score. But it was not to be.

Maybe I'm just stupid, but I've never struggled to beat a game as much as I've struggled here. However, I still want to keep trying :) After a short break, I'll go for it again. (Really hoping there's no even more difficult third checkpoint XD)

It's really good. Thanks for the fun.