A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

When Lana Brice, a small time Raider Scavenger meets her mysterious client, she realises her life just took a very wrong turn in the worst way possible.

Being forced to join a stranger's fight, can she discover her feelings towards injustice?

Will this careless adventure become the sparks of a Galactic disaster?


Windows Download (240 MB)
Mac Download (224 MB)
Linux Download (239 MB)


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i downloaded it but the dialogue wont show TT^TT and i was so excited to start the demo....

Did you try updating your video card?

*sigh* I tried to avoid playing this demo as long as I could because I knew that I will be obsessed about it, like I was obsessed with Ascension. Honestly, you never disappoint. Stunning artwork, especially CGis, amazing characters and an interesting world. And I love the chemistry between Lana and Egon. I can't wait for more.

AWESOOOOME I love this website so so excited to see you on here now!!!!!!!



Not the right place to say this but i love Calling Cipher and Ascension! i would also like to know if Linen Tale will also have downloadable demo soon?


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I don't usually go for fantasy visual novels, but this is amazing! I was immediately drawn into this strange world of tense politics and complicated individuals. You did an incredible job of developing the storyline and the setting, and balancing it all with charming character interactions.

The characters are so engaging. I'm fascinated by all of the characters' histories and relationships--Pious's relationship with Egon and her girl? Lana's past? I want to find out more about all of them!

It's refreshing to play as an MC who has such an awesome personality + that we still have control over Lana's dialogue. I like how you pointed out which one of the options leads to romance with Egon (I went for romance right away!!) and that each choice elicits a different response. The banter between Lana and Egon is hilarious, as is Karel and Kitt (that frying pan?? YES).

The backgrounds, character design, and special art scenes are stunning. (Egon, Kieran, and Karel? mmmm :P)

My only complaint would be the fade-in-fade-out transition of the text boxes; kinda made my head spin after a while, especially because there are so many lines of text. I found myself clicking through the other characters' dialogue as quickly as possible, in order to get back to Lana and Egon. I also wish there was a rewind option on the dialogue; I know there is a pop-up box where you can read through all the text, but it'd be nice to go back to reverse our choices (especially because some of the response choices are a bit vague; at one I made Egon annoyed when I thought it was a witty remark!).

Overall, what an outstanding, polished demo with a fascinating plot and line of characters! I'm hooked and can't wait to play more.

EDIT: Mini-games are such a fun idea. Love it!


Thank you so so much! :D There were several people who were also bothered with the dialog box fade in and out, I will be fixing that in the final version! :D

I don't actually plan on having a rewind option, as I want to keep a certain "urgency" feeling in the game, but I will certainly try and improve the text on replies, so there won't be a lot of confusion. =)

Thank you so much for the long review! I hope you will enjoy the final release as much! =)

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Am I the only one that can't read the text, as in, it won't show up? If there's a solution please let me know~ I LOVE the art style and the music by the way, they are so enticing and wonderful to listen to/examine!


I have this problem too. Trying to figure out a way to fix it.

No, there are several people with the same invisible text problem. I'm still trying to figure out what might be causing this. Do you mind if you can tell me your Operating System and your resolution? :) I'm sorry you are having trouble with the game. I will do my best to fix it as soon as possible.

Im using Windows 7 and my resolution is 1366 x 768. I hope this gets fixed because the game looks so intresting!

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Wow, I was about to reply but you beat me to it! I also have the same operating system and resolution, Windows 7 and 1366 x 76!
What are the odds! Actually kinda weird but meh


I did find an error while I was playing the demo. During the scene where you're talking to the Egon over noodles and he mentions how the place you came from is not the best place, when I stayed silent it gave an error. I wasn't sure where you'd like me to put any info like that when I noticed it, so here it is.

Other than that, the game is fabulous. I like the story depth and plot and the characters are interesting and I'm excited for the full thing.

Thank you so much! :) <3

Same thing if you stay silent in your second dialogue choice with Lana. Do you want the error code?

Yes, please! That would be great :)! <3


This is an awesome game! The art style is beautiful and the graphics are amazing! I love the humour and all the love choices and player choices that you can make throughout it! Awesome job! I can't wait for more!

:) Thank you so much! <3


Wow! This was fabulous. The humour, the story, all of it. I was going to avoid actually playing this because I didn't want to wait for another great game to be released, but realised that I'd be waiting anyway. I'm not going to ask the usual, I'll just keep tabs. Cheers.

=D hehe! Thank you so much!